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Gardens of the Night

This isn't a movie for the faint of heart. Gardens of the Night deals with a disturbing subject matter: kidnapping. But don't let its heavy nature scare you off because it seems like an engaging story about the bond between two people who love each other through the worst of times.

Director/Writer: Damian Harris
Starring: Evan Ross and Gillian Jacobs
Official Website:

For Fans of...Hard Candy and The Woodsman


Anonymous said...

I have to see this film. Is that John Malkovich as the therapist guy?

Thanks for visiting GIN!

Karen said...

Yep, that's John Malkovich. He's such a quirky actor...I still need to see Being John Malkovich though.

Evan Ross is making some wise career moves with choosing indie roles that offer him a chance to showcase his dramatic acting skills inside of going for the flashy roles without any real substance. If he keeps on this road he'll be in line for plenty of award nominations.

Thanks for stopping by!

Karen said...

I watched this movie over the weekend and it gets my official recommendation. It's a sad subject but stories like these need to be told.

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