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Rashida Jones Interview

Rashida Jones is spreading her creativity all over the place: TV, film, screenwriting, fashion and now the comic book scene. The Parks and Recreation star wore a pair of geek chic glasses to the comic book signing and smiled with glee as she entered Meltdown Comics. 

I chatted with Rashida Jones pre-comic book signing about Frenemy of the State, writing and the joy of cheese (because it's pretty awesome).

On entering the comic book world:

I feel very humbled by the experience. It's a long process and I've had help from some seriously talented experienced writers and artists. To actually hold the comic in my hand like I did last week it was such a satisfying experience. I'm really excited and I hope that people like it, and obviously continue to buy the issues because it only gets better and better.

On what allured her to the story Frenemy of the State:

The concept for me was this girl who had been programmed to be the projected object of desire of the world and she knows her place in the world: to be pretty and go to parties, to be rich and be watched. And then all of a sudden her life changes and her priorities change and she's forced in a situation where she's going to jail or she's going to work for the CIA and in doing that she kind of discovers who she is. She discovers she's really good at something besides going to parties, and she likes her work and feels skilled and capable. I think right now, young girls, they kind of need that sort of a paradigm: where it's not just about being pretty and what you wear and who you know.

On finding her niche (entertainment and otherwise):

Finally, I do feel like I've found my place in the world and to be honest it wasn't always written out for me. I feel like I've had to battle some elements of my own confusion and people's judgment of me, which everybody obviously deals with. The more that I try to tell stories that come from me I feel like I have a better idea of who I am, especially when people like it. It makes me realize that I can be true to myself and still be able to do what I do. I don't have to fit into any mold of what the girl next door looks like, what a comedian is supposed to be, what an actress is supposed to be like. I can kinda do my own thing. 

On her favorite place to write:

It sounds really corny but the best thing for me is to be in my house with the fireplace. You know, just kind of sitting on my couch... I write scripts with my writing partner, sitting in front of the fire drinking tea. That feels really good because I feel like I'm in a little bit of a cocoon and there's no reason to go out. I love writing at home. I love my home. I can write inside or outside. I definitely can't have any music playing. It can be day, it can be night as long as I'm well fed, and most of the time well caffeinated, I can tackle it.


Favorite writing snacks?

Dark chocolate and I really like a piece of toast with fresh hummus or maybe some cheese. I love feta.

On characters she'd like to explore next:

I'd love to do some more dramatic roles. Maybe I could play something a little darker, a little sexier. I feel like I play a good girl a lot, which is fine, I'm okay with that but I'm not all good girl all the time.

Advice for actors/writers:

Just show up everyday. I would say 5 percent of the time you actually will think you're brilliant and 95 percent of the time you'll just feel like there's a lot of heavy lifting but you kind of have to show up for that 5 percent to show up to you.

Catch Rashida at the San Diego Comic Con this July and on Parks and Recreation this fall.


Ashley said...

1. This is awesome.
2. I love her even more now. I didn't think that was possible.
3. I am SO thrilled for you that you got this opportunity.

Tom said...

She is so pretty. :)

deb said...

I look forward to reading you blog. It keeps me informed on the new and good indie stuff. Will definitely get out Frenemy of the State

Rain said...

Great interview sis:] congrats on everything & things
are only going to get better! && I agree with Rashida Jones I love hummus && feta yum:]

Anne. said...

Her advice for actors and writers can be applied to anything creative, if you really think about it. I freaking love her. The end. :]

Tony W. said...

I love the concept behind the comic and the reason for it even more.
Glad to see more people of color getting involved in the comic biz. adds more diversity to the media!
WIll def checkout a copy!