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The Burial Of Kojo

If you see one artsy film this year... let it be this one. The imagery of The Burial Of Kojo will stick with you. It's lyrical, poetic, in the vein of Terrence Malick's Days of Heaven, but an entire magical entity all by itself. Samuel "Blitz" Bazawule takes his time and paints-- we watch him craft a visual masterpiece (with the cinematography of Michael Ferndandez), scene by scene, Bazawule gives the audience the freedom to get lost, to dwell in a realm where time has no standard rhythm. It's all about what this film makes you feel, and it makes you feel deeply, in a puzzling way... reminiscent of a lullaby, sweet and strange. 

A burning teal car on a beach has firmly cemented its place in black film history. The Burial Of Kojo will be forever discussed and referenced amongst cinema fans.

You can watch in on Netflix or visit to catch its limited theater release schedule. 

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Black, Queer and Artsy in the Motor City - Raven in Detroit (Part 1)

A photo exploration of black queer life in Detroit though the lens of Reel Artsy Photography.

"I'm a poet with a camera, intent on capturing the beauty of black queer womanhood."

Detroit | Black | Lesbian | Aesthetic 

Model: Raven

You can follow Raven on IG: @ravenlynntheemodel

Photos by Reel Artsy Photography - IG: @ReelArtsy

"It is my goal to spotlight the stories and imagery of black people, especially black women, and more specifically black women who identify as queer on the LGBTQ spectrum."


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The Wonderful World of Black Lesbians

I'm interested in creating content that features black lesbians in the forefront. Through my writings, my photography, and any other medium that lends itself to the process and art of storytelling. 

Black lesbians matter. 

Our stories, our love, our journey of discovery... It offers beauty and a layered richness that needs to be displayed, seen and felt in this world. 

It is my goal to spotlight the stories of black people, especially black women, and most specifically black women who identify as queer on the LGBTQ spectrum. 

This is my Dear Black Lesbians (of sorts) - my beacon, me officially coming out, and inviting other black lesbians across the globe to sit down around my digital campfire as I share my story, and curate stories of black women simply existing wonderfully and bravely in the their various paths of life.

Hey. Hi. Hello!


Karen (Twitter: @ReelArtsy | IG: ReelArtsy



Poster - Fast Color

The poster for Fast Color matches the beauty and brightness of Gugu Mbatha-Raw. Her career in films like Beyond The Lights and Belle are true indications of her immense talent, and her role in the "San Junipero" episode of Black Mirror as the wild and carefree Kelly has made her a cult icon of sorts. 

In the upcoming film Fast Color Mbatha-Raw enters the realm of sci-fi, playing a woman with "superhuman abilities" who's on the run in a dystopian type world.

Release Date: April 19th 


Reel Artsy Men - Justin Sansom (Model)

Some men know exactly who they are. Justin Sansom is one of those men... Confident, well-dressed, friendly and artistic, he exudes a kind of cool that makes fun to be around. He showed up to our photo shoot completely ready, and from the first snap he was fiercely in-tune with his inner creativity and fierceness. He wanted to showcase his love for music, and he brought the concept to life quite perfectly. Here's a look at Justin, and his style profile in his own words for Reel Artsy Men - 

[The Fashion of Music] 

My name is Justin Sansom, more socially known as Model Chief Jay. I have been modeling for about 4 years now, and I absolutely love it. I started modeling when I was a freshman in college, by participating in fashion shows. From then on, I stepped into Print Modeling and developed a passion for it.

Photography is a method of self-expression; you get to experiment with different concepts and ideas. Modeling has helped break a lot of the insecurities and self-esteem issues I’ve carried through life.

My personal style is very interchangeable; I’ll be in love with a vintage outfit one day, and a slim fit suit the next. I also LOVE changing my hair styles. Some days, I’ll rock the man bun and others I’ll embrace my humongous afro! I would love to pursue print modeling with hopes of modeling for magazines, clothing manufacturers and e-commerce websites!

Top 5 Favorite Movies:

1. What’s Love Got To Do With It
2. Bridesmaids
3. Premonition
4. The Wood
5. Love & Basketball

You can follow Justin's modeling journey on Instagram & Twitter at: @ModelChiefJay


Reel Artsy Photography

I'll be sharing more of my photography endeavors on the site. Reel Artsy Photography has become my passion because I love the beauty and simplicity of a well-captured moment. It's true, a photo is worth a thousand words. 

I hope you choose to follow me along the ride as I spotlight all things quirky, awkward and offbeat in my photography. That was a staple when I first started the site. I was chasing quirky. I wanted to showcase films and web series that people may have overlooked, indie films that were under-the-radar. 

During my journey I came across so many amazing indie filmmakers that inspired me with their love of the craft. Barry Jenkins, Ava DuVernay, and Matthew A. Cherry to name a few. Their work, along with countless others, has inspired me to go out and capture beauty with my camera. My photography journey is just at the start, and I've already had the privilege to see my work in print, and have met some intriguing models and collaborators. I look forward to the future where I can blend my love of indie cinema and photography seamlessly on 

Model: Whitney