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90 Days (2016)

The trailer for 90s Days looks like a master class on how to make its star, Teyonah Parris, glow in every frame. And honestly-- Teyonah Parris deserves this kind of attention. I want to applaud whoever was in charge of mapping out the color palette for this short film because it is a real treat. I want more of Parris-- that's the general sentiment when it comes to her talent. Her work in Dear White People, If Beale Street Could Talk, even Chi-Raq (where she took center stage) just made me crave more of her onscreen presence.

I took a quick look at her IMDb page and I see that she has some new projects on deck. Some of the movies may be supporting roles, but I really long for her to be positioned in roles that garner her direct attention, awards nominations, and buzz. I'm excited to see where her career goes, and 90 Days is a nice snapshot in the tapestry of her overall body of work.

For more info on the film visit www.90daysthefilm.com


The Beauty of Black Queer Women in Love

This is one of the most exquisite things I've seen on the Internet. A documentary style video about two black women being in love with each other. It's real, it's sweet, and it gets me excited about the world that we live in-- that this kind of love can be seen and celebrated.

"Crystal and her partner Kiesh about why nothing comes close to loving a Black woman, as a Black woman"

Head over to Refinery29.com to check out more of their Dear, Black Love series.

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Photographer Spotlight: Antoine Tiggart

Antoine Tiggart offers a dreamy perspective of Detroit life through this photography. I came across him on Instagram and immediately connected with the beauty of his work. Below are three of my favorite pieces of his. Tiggart shared his Five Favorite movies with me, and says that he "likes to pay attention to the details and show a photo that can tell you a story." His visual art style is one to take notice of-- he is officially on the Reel Artsy radar. Keep your eyes on this talented black creative and follow the hashtag #ReelArtsyDetroit for future spotlights.

5 Favorite Films:

Liar Liar 
Scott Pilgrim vs The World 
House of Flying Daggers
Drunken Master 
The 36th Chamber of Shaolin  

For more info check out www.antoinetiggart.com


Book Spotlight: Diehr Breedlove

Catch a glimpse of this mysterious Detroit soul. Christopher L. Breedlove is a model, author and adoption advocate. His debut book, Diehr Breedlove is...

Gripping, compelling true story about a 25 year old adoptee who located his birth family in 4 world changing days after 21 years.

You can head over to Amazon and check out Chris' book or follow him on Instagram @mavengershom

Here's a short video intro that I shot of him:


Mariah Elizabeth in Dark Elf Territory

A photo series that captures the beauty of a curvy dark elf, alone in the woods, as we get a glimpse of her in natural element. Who is this mythical creature, what does she dream of? What happens to her when she stumbles upon a hidden gateway that leads her down a path that connects her to the human world?

Story and Creative Direction by Karen Gilmore - featuring model & Detroit artist Mariah Elizabeth Lenox.

She is a fire in the night, warming you with her presence, her vibes radiant, pulling you in... Your eyes fixated on her skin, the glittering allure of her caramel touch. You find yourself inching closer intoxicated by her glow. You want to reach out-- trace your fingers along the length of her the of arm, to the small of her back as you savor the beauty of her curves. She has enchanted you. Captivated you, seduced you like a dark elf from another realm, her eyes ablaze-- she is fully aware of her power over you, and she drinks it in. She grins, knowing that she has you under her spell. That you are dizzy under her charm, eager to please, willing to do whatever she requests

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Fall in Love with Nikyatu and Suicide by Sunlight

I am officially fangirling over the awesomeness of indie filmmaker Nikyatu Jusu. If you're not following her on Twitter then you're missing out on a constant stream of artistic gems, quotes, insight and pointers that paint a realistic picture of what it's like to be a black woman indie filmmaker in today's creative climate. 

Suicide By Sunlight is a tale about "black vampires protected by melanin day-walkers among us." That short tagline alone is enough to excite me about the future of black cinema. The sci-fi & fantasy geek in me can't wait to see this film (that played at Sundance and other film festivals).

I've been an admirer of Nikyatu's talent since her break-out short film Black Swan Theory (that Shadow & Act introduced many of us to). She stepped onto the film scene boldly, each new work daring and visually engaging. A reminder of how her artistic voice is very much needed in the realm of Hollywood. 

Below is a "Meet The Filmmaker" type video via the Sundance Institute. 

Do yourself a favor-- board the Nikyatu train... Her filmmaking career is destined for greatness.

For all things Nikyatu Jusu visit her website Nikyatu.com & Twitter: @Nikyatu