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Interview with Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams plays Dr. Avery Jackson on Grey's Anatomy. Entertainment Weekly has dubbed him "McPrettyEyes" and I totally agree. I caught up with Williams earlier this summer and he graciously chatted about working on TV, his future aspirations and his love for music.

What are you looking forward to on Grey’s Anatomy?

Everything. It’s my first time starting from the beginning of the season. The writers are terrific. You never know what’s going to happen next week. I’m just excited to have a job, have a great job and work with really terrific people and see what happens with my character.

Describe the vibe on set.

Familial. You know, cracking jokes, relaxed but respectful of each other’s space and the work we need to do. You can tell they’ve been together for a very long time.

What kind of characters would you like to try in future?

Some villains, I think. Some family stuff, some indie stuff, kind of layered characters. Also, down the road some writing and directing. Comedy and indie.

Do you use music to help you get into character?

I’m a huge music lover. I collect a lot of records. I’m really big into music but I don’t necessarily think it has anything to do with my preparation for roles, though that’s interesting.

Who are some of the bands you’re listening to now?

There’s a cool little rock band called Chief, these guys out of L.A. that I saw recently. I like a lot of world music. The classics of course, Dylan, The Stones, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, Johnny Cash… a real big scope. Particularly South African music is really special as well.

Who would you like work with down the line?

So many. I like a lot of the great character actors and there’s a lot of good young talent coming out now. I think Ben Foster is a great actor. I love Denzel, Will Smith. Jeffrey Wright, John Turturro... actors' actors.

Are you on any of the social media sites?

I’m not. There’s fan pages and stuff on those. I think at some point I should interact in some way. [laughs] Maybe I’ll mess with it.

**UPDATE: Since conducting this interview Jesse has joined some social networking sites. You can find his official links at


Bombchell said...

such a hottie!!

Karen said...


Kaitlin said...

He used to be a teacher...and he likes Zepp, Dylan and Johnny Cash!? Swoon.

Anonymous said...

I guess i will starting watching. WOW

Anne. said...

Oh goodness. So jealous you spent time with him for this interview!

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Naledi Reflections said...

Pretty eyes indeed!