Subtle Core

Welcome to the wonderful world of Subtle Core Cinema !!!

The idea of "Subtle Core" started when I watched Barry Jenkins' Medicine For Melancholy. It was the type of film that I always hoped would emerge in the cinema landscape. After seeing Ava DuVernay's I Will Follow and Andrew Dosunmu's Restless City the term Subtle Core became an easy way to talk about the films that I liked, that fit into this spectrum of amazing artistry.

You can read the initial post I wrote below:

Film Movement of 2011: Ava DuVernay, AFFRM & Black Cinema's Subtle Core

"There's a stir taking place in Black cinema. It's quiet. Indie. And it's happening in theaters, and social networks all around..."

I'll be adding to to spotlight the movies, and filmmakers in the Subtle Core realm. Follow @SubtleCore on Twitter and @SubtleCoreCinema on Instagram for the latest updates.

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