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Outfest Fusion Film Festival 2023

The Outfest Fusion Film Festival is one of the premiere spots that showcases, affirms and supports QTBIPOC storytellers. The festival runs from March 24th to April 2nd in Los Angeles (with virtual screenings available). Pay special attention to the short films programming-- there you can find some true gems and catch emerging filmmakers shine in that format. 

Here are some intriguing films that stand out...

Hold Onto Me directed by Ravjvi Desai and Te Shima Brenen.

A documentary celebrating grassroots activist Mother LaTravious, a Black Trans femme matriarch whose journey from caterpillar to a butterfly began in her 30s.

Where Do We Go from Here directed by LaQuan Lewis. 

On the eve of Jamila and Rae’s one-year anniversary, Rae receives a voicemail from her ex-lover.

This Place directed by V.T. Nayani. 

Kawennii├│hstha pursues her dreams of being a poet by moving to Toronto: the city where her estranged Iranian father happens to live. Malai also estranged from her father, but now that he's battling terminal cancer, she begins tries to repair her relationship with him, the one remaining link she has to her Tamil roots. When the two young women lock eyes in a laundromat, inexplicable sparks fly. As they grow closer, the weight of family and culture — which bear legacies of loss, migration, and displacement — complicate the growing intimacy they share.

I Identify As Me direted by Tina Colleen and Monick Monell. 

A chorus of queer and trans BIPOC reflects on how the intersectionalities of gender and people are infinite. 

For more info on the Outfest Fusion Film Festival visit their website.  

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