Reel Artsy Fashion Spotlight - D’IYANU

Looking for a new fit for a film festival premiere? Or a stunning bold print for a night out on the town? Check out this Black-owned African style brand D'IYANU. The story behind the clothes is inspiring, a perfect illustration of finding purpose through authentic living and meeting the needs of the community. Founder and CEO, Addie Ajayi, talks about the origin of D'IYANU on the website

I was six years old when my family moved from Nigeria to the US. The transition was challenging, and I struggled to fit in. I felt different from everyone else, and spent many years trying to blend in.

But as I grew older, I embraced my uniqueness. Fashion became my form of self-expression and empowerment, and I found my individuality through clothing that helped me stand out from the crowd.

At the time, there was little to no ready-to-wear modern African-inspired clothing available in the mass market. Wearing African-inspired clothing typically involved sourcing fabric yourself and finding a tailor to make the clothes for you — a common, efficient, and inexpensive practice in Africa, but the exact opposite in the US. That’s when the idea for D'IYANU emerged.

The D'IYANU collection includes men's and women's fashion along with items for kids, and a beautiful selection of accessories that can that can jazz up your work or evening attire. For more info on D'IYANU check out their website and Instagram


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