An Invisible Sign of My Own

This film isn't coming out until next year but I can't wait to see Jessica Alba play a nerdy girl! Her recent string of films have been less then stellar and she needs a role that will charm us again. If only they would have focused The Eye on the life of a blind violinist instead of all that scary stuff it could have been great.

Here's the synopsis for An Invisible Sign of My Own:

"Math whiz Mona Gray has elected to systematically withdraw from life after a mysterious illness leaves her Dad all but a shell of his former self. When she gets a job as the math teacher at an elementary school, she discovers she has an unorthodox talent for teaching and finds herself thrust back into life again, with children to care for, a man to love, and a reason to live" (IMDB).

No matter what I'll always be a Jessica Alba fan because of Dark Angel (I own both seasons). She was the coolest genetically enhanced kick-butt super soldier. And this line will always be golden: "If I just had my ass handed to me by a size three, I'd be inclined to mind my own business."

Until then check out the novel the film is based on.


Romeika said...

I was never a Jessica Alba fan, and to be quite honest, I don't even like her as an actress (although I admit I did watch "Dark Angel" a few times, and found she was ok in it - I was more a "Buffy" fan hehe). Who knows this film will bring a different side of hers, and perhaps, even a good performance:-)

Karen said...

You gotta watch Dark Angel from the beginning, Jessica Alba's character has some good one-liners. Thanks for stopping by my blog!