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13 Months of Sunshine

If you're planning to attend the Pan African Film & Arts Festival be sure to check out this film.

"The American dream and the immigrant experience collide in this heartwarming comedy focusing on the romance between two Ethiopian immigrants."

Writer/Director: Yehdego Abeselom
Official Website:


The Alpha Nerd said...

You always pick the best Karen!!! If only...if only lol.

Karen said...

Thanks Trae!

The Obenson Report said...

I was hoping to go to the festival, contingent on their approval of my application for a press pass. But, given that the festival begins this week, and I haven't heard anything from the PAFF, it doesn't look like I'm getting one; so, I'm not going anywhere.

However, a simple email response notifying me of their decision, whatever it is, would have been greatly appreciated.

Karen said...

What a bummer, I was looking forward to your inside scoops on the films there. Perhaps next year then.

Anonymous said...

Karen, thanks for your endorsement of our film! We're proud of how well it's done in screenings and festivals around the world, and we trust PAFF screenings will garner continued interest.

Hope to see you there!

-Jeremiah Lewis, Producer 13 Months of Sunshine