Half & Half

I started getting into reruns of Half & Half toward the end of last year and's pretty impressive.

Mona Thorne is one of the best black female characters I've seen on TV. Rachel True blends the right amount of free-spirited goofiness with hard-working record exec to give Mona a real likable charm. The show didn't focus on "being black" it simply focused on being. You know being a good friend, a good sister, a good daughter and all the stuff that anyone can relate to regardless of skin color. At its core the story is about two half sisters forging a friendship within the constraints of a wacky family. And the family's interaction are fun to watch, especially the tit-for-tat repertoire between the dueling mothers, hilarious. There's not a character on the show that I don't enjoy. The best guy friend, the sarcastic secretary, the laid-back father and Essence Atkins' ying for Mona's yang as the younger sister Dee Dee.

It's too bad that Half & Half got lost between the merger of The WB and UPN because this show was actually good.

If you like Half & Half then check out Sophie.


Jasmine Amaya said...

I've met Rachel True! She's so awesome! Haha

Anonymous said...

Half & Half is actually a good show. Even though they only show reruns it's still a nice black TV show! Rachel True does a good job!

Nice blog post Karen! :)

Anonymous said...

I actually use to watch half and half. It was a little over the top but enjoyable.

8thlight said...

I miss Rachel True! I've been watching reruns of this a lot, lately. Is she still working?

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