Taraji P. Henson on Acting, Life & Oscars

Whether Taraji wins an Oscar or not she seems like she has a good perspective on what really matters. Check out this interview she did with ReelBlack TV.

Who do you think should win for Best Supporting Actress?


Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful interview with Taraji. I had no idea her son was 14 years old?!!!

Girlfriend is looking goood! You go, Ms. Henson!

Anonymous said...

I like her perspective on life in general. I totally agree. Especially when she added that, "life is NOT always about money." Thanks 4 sharing and she does look good!

DH said...

I think it's great Taraji got the Oscar nomination. She consistently great in everything she touches. There are so many black actresses that don't get there due. It's great Taraji can rise above pack to represent them. She's a great role model.

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