ANTM Cycle 12 Favorites

I never really followed America's Next Top Model but my sister kind of forced me into watching this cycle. Anyhow, here are my favs...

Felicia "Fo" Porter - that episode where they cut her hair for the group makeover was pretty dramatic. But the new look actually works for her.

London Levi - she's like a cool street preacher. I hope the show doesn't wash away her quirkiness.

Tahlia Brookins - when she talked about how she wanted to be a role model for young girls who are burn survivors I was hooked. If I hadn't heard her heartfelt speech about her insecurities over her scars I would have changed the channel or left the room.

ANTM doesn't offer an in-depth PBS type look into modeling but I applaud Tyra Banks for trying to change the industry for the better.

What are your thoughts on the whole ANTM showcase?

[Hat tip Anne & May]


Anonymous said...

I used to be a FAITHFUL watcher of ANTM, but the last 2 seasons did it for me. I only watched 2-3 episodes of last season and decided not to watch at all this season.

Welcome to Top Model land! I hope it's getting better at least. I'm curious to see how the 5'7 & Under season is going to play out.

Karen said...

Before this I remember watching one episode when Jael was on. I only remember her because she was mixed and from Michigan (my home state).

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I really think that crap is the only thing that was shared by the world
look at the "arab next model"

same crap isn't it ;)

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, I remember that season. Jael was a HOT mess. She acted like she was on drugs.

Missy said...

Fo and the big eyed girl are my favs.

Karen said...

Allison (a.k.a "the big eyed girl") is pretty cool too.

Anonymous said...

hahaha.... i told you one day you would watch ANTM !!!!


Karen said...

It's all your fault!

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