Southern Gothic

Southern Gothic is by far one of the coolest names I've heard for a production company. The name alone conjures up a sense of eerie mystique.

So what is Southern Gothic Productions? It's Hilarie Burton's new creative endeavor. Your next question may be who the heck is Hilarie Burton? She's best known for her role as Peyton on One Tree Hill but some of you might remember her as the mother from The Secret Life of Bees (excellent movie). Anyhow, Burton is in pre-production with her screenwriter bud on a film called Pedestrian. On her blog they're chronicling the venture a la Four Eyed Monsters style with input from fans, vlogs and other stuff. Here's a video she posted about what makes a story a Southern Gothic tale.

Official Blog:


Karen said...

And yes...I'm a big One Tree Hill fan. Peyton Sawyer is one of the most fascinating characters on TV. The whole cheerleader-outsider-tortured artist is what reeled me into the show. Watch this scene, it's classic: "Your art matters"

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