JacqueRoxx's Top Five...

...(non-animated) Movies that made me almost die laughing-

I normally don't laugh while watching movies, I just acknowledge that something was funny like "hmm, that was humorous". So in order for a movie to make me laugh out loud, especially when I'm watching it alone, it's got to be reallllly funny. Anyway here's my top 5 in no particular order:

Tropic Thunder
I can't even begin to tell you how much I love Tropic Thunder! Sure there was some controversy over various parts of it, but honestly, when you watch the movie, it all fits. And I love any movie Robert Downey Jr is in.

Good Burger
Ok, Good Burger isn't the smartest or deepest comedy out there, but I was seven when it came out and I always get this feeling of nostalgia when I watch it. "Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger.."

Mean Girls
I love movies with a message, and I especially love Mean Girls because I can relate. And this movie has one of the best catfight scenes ever! Tim Meadows cracks me up.

Coming to America
I'm African, my parents are African, in fact most of the people I know are African and we all LOVE Coming to America! The movie shows a side of Africa (the palaces, ivory, gold, and such) that exists, but is never seen. Oh yeah, and it's hilarious. The Soul Glo commercial kills me every time. Eddie Murphy's acting was top notch. I love that he didn't overact.

City Lights
City Lights is kind of old, like 1931 black&white silent movie old, but I love it. It's funny without being raunchy and deep without any dialogue. It also made me cry a little (but don't tell anyone)

I'm almost certain I'm missing some really funny ones because 90% of the movies I watch are animated. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Aggghh! I forgot The Blues Brothers


Karen said...

Coming to America is such an awesomely funny movie! I was just talking about that fake McDonald's last night with a friend.

And speaking of Mean Girls, I want some Tina Fey glasses. And why does Rachel McAdams look so different in that movie? I was surprised when I found that she was the same lady from The Notebook and Red Eye. I like her with dark hair better.

DH said...

Good look on all the movies, except I haven't seen the Charlie Chapman one. There are so many underrated funny scenes in Coming To America. From Soul Go to Sexual Chocolate to the Royal Penis bit. Such a classic.

Issa Rae said...

I looooove "Mean Girls." It's one of those movies that I watch EVERY time it's on. That and "Clueless." After watching "The Notebook" and then realizing halfway through that I had been watching Regina from "Mean Girls," I became a HUGE fan of Rachel McAdams.

"Coming to America" is a classic -- My family is African as well and we all can't deny how hilarious it is.

Jacque said...

lol, McDowells? Hilarious. And Rachel McAdams does look better with darker hair. It looks more natural

I'd have to say that EVERY scene in Coming to America cracks me up. Especially when they first get to Queens and they get robbed and all the homeless people are wearing their clothes.

Oh my gosh, yes! How could I forget Clueless?? I love Paul Rudd to pieces ♥

djclue said...

Coming to America was a very funny movie! This was a great post. Your blogs are so interesting. :)

Anonymous said...

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