Rashida Jones on Screenwriting

Blame it on my blogroll. Another bit of Rashida Jones news popped up and I felt compelled to share. Here are some snippets from her interview at the A.V. Club:

"I feel like if I can just keep myself busy and be a part of a bunch of different things, maybe it will make room for more black-Jewish-Irish girls to do shit."

Umm, yeah...rock on!

Other cool quotes include:

"I want the ladies to have their moment. I think it’s time. I want to see more interesting depictions of women than just shopping for shoes."

About her screenplay (Celeste And Jesse Forever) she just sold to Fox...

"It has more of the flavor of an ’80s romantic comedy, in the sense that it’s hopefully as sad as it is funny. And hopefully you care enough about the people to think about it after you laugh. It definitely has a strong, very flawed female character, which I also really want to see. I feel like until you show every side, you’re not doing the gender justice."

There's some other intriguing stuff she said about politics, being biracial and her upcoming show Parks & Recreation. You can read the full interview here.

[Hat tip RJB]