Mozart and the Whale

I remember reading an article about Mozart and the Whale being Josh Hartnett's passion project, that he fought hard to get this movie produced and that he was pleased with the results. Stories like that inspire me because sometimes the best films are birthed that way. This is clearly Hartnett's best role. Mozart is a sweet, unassumingly tale about life, love and autism. It's part of my DVD collection as well as some of my friends. So check it out!

And the tagline is really cute: "They don't fit in. Except together."


do you have a flag? said...

I hadn't heard of this before. It looks like it's similar to "Adam" which is coming out soon. Looks sweet, I'll have to netflix it!

Karen said...

Yeah, it does. Hopefully Adam will be just as good.

Noelani said...

I know I should be stating something about the film but he look so adorable in that photo!

Karen said...

That hat gives him an extra dose of cuteness in the film!

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of this film, but I do really like Josh...don't know if I'm sold on the subject matter tho...

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