What Goes Up

What Goes Up offers a slice of the '80s with Hilary Duff and Olivia Thirlby portraying two outcasts among a pack of misfit teens.

It's an interesting pairing, Duff and Thirlby, so I'm curious to see how their scenes turn out. People like to criticize the Duffster's acting but I think she has potential, she just needs more challenging roles. I still enjoy her light stuff too (A Cinderella Story, Raise Your Voice and The Lizzie McGuire Movie are part of my DVD collection).

What Goes Up is currently playing in select theaters so catch it while you can.

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Jacque said...

I think H. Duff should stick to the light, cute roles. I saw her in War Inc. playing a middle eastern pop was terrible. BUT I do love the Lizzie McGuire movie! :)

Jacque said...

OOOOOooo! I just watched the trailer and JOSH PECK is in it! I loved him and Olivia Thirlby in "The Wackness". I must see this movie!

Karen said...

I saw that pic of Josh Peck on your blog. It's amazing how different he looks from his early Drake & Josh shows.

Anonymous said...

uhh...i likey..x