Simply Dash-ing

Dash in Clueless (far right).
Dash in I Could Never Be Your Woman.

Last night in a desperate attempt for a new rom-com, I rented I Could Never Be Your Woman which stars Michelle Pfeiffer and Paul Rudd. But this post is not devoted to that little bit of chick flick cheese, but rather to Stacey Dash who played a supporting role as an actor playing a teenager in a TV series.

I first had a girl crush on her from a 1996 film Clueless (which funny enough Rudd was also in), but one of her first appearances was on The Cosby Show. Yes, The Cosby Show. It seems that this foxy lady is actually 43 years old. I was so amazed at this because in '95, at the age of 28, she played 16, an here she was at about 40 years old playing the role of a girl in her mid-twenties.

Her great looks are lent to a mixed-heritage background of African American, Aztec and West Indian. Clearly she looks amazing, especially for her age. Yes, I too have heard that 40 is the new twenty, but for this actor, she is truly living up to that adage.

Check out Dash as Dionne in Clueless.

by Lisa Charleyboy from Urban Native Girl Stuff


Anonymous said...

Ya, I would agree that Stacey is quite the hottie for a woman her age. Some would say a cougar, others might say MILF. I would say "hottie" none the less. :P

Karen said...

Paul Rudd and Stacey Dash share the screen again, sweet! They probably share secrets to the fountain of youth. I want to see a movie where they play love interests, imagine how cute that would be. Judd Apatow, if you're reading this...make it happen!

Jacque said...

She is soooo pretty! And I love that she has large teeth because I have large teeth! Haha!

But seriously she doesn't look a day over 25

Daryle Lockhart said...

There is a painting of the real Stacy Dash locked in an attic somewhere. this woman never ages! And I dare say she's looking BETTER!

But I don't think I've liked her in anything since she played Richard Pryor's daughter in "Moving".