Hilarie Burton Launches Web Series

The first episode of the Hilarie Burton produced web series Friendship Union Community Theater debuted over the weekend via her official website

Friendship Union Community Theater (F.U.C.T.) tells the stories of a bunch of quirky creative-types set in a local theater in Florida. The highlight of the premiere was an audition that included an ode to Judith Light (that alone makes it worth a watch).

It's nice to see Burton making the transition from One Tree Hill to a career that lends itself to on camera and behind the camera opportunities. With film and TV actors bringing their starpower to the web it's quite possible that the Emmys will take notice of more web series like they did with Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Who knows, maybe next year Friendship Union could be up for a Streamy or Emmy nomination. And that's the beauty of the web, anyone has a shot at being the next big trend.

To watch the full episode click here.


Rain said...

That sound interesting I gotta check that out. That almost sounds like a indie version of HSM.I still can't believe she isn't going to be on the 7th season of OTH. Hopefully she will do a guest spot on the show.

Karen said...

Yeah, it'll be weird not seeing Hilarie on One Tree Hill, Peyton was my favorite character but I'm curious to see how the show goes.

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