It's Complicated

It's refreshing to see films that focus on love stories outside of people in their 20s or 30s. This time Meryl Streep plays the "dream girl" for Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin's characters in It's Complicated. Who do think she will end up with?

You can catch It's Complicated in theaters Christmas day.

[H/T Rama's Screen]


deb said...

It's about time, A mature funny an real love triangle. Looks like a fun movie,

Rain said...

awww good cast classic hollywood icons can't wait to see it

Clarabela said...

I am putting this one on my Must See List. Glad to see a smart and funny movie about love for those of us over 23.

Meryl is always wonderful and with Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin, this is should be a very movie.

Unknown said...

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