'Queen & Country' Adaptation Hopefuls

One of my favorite bloggers, Rama, sparked the idea for this list. The Hollywood Reporter recently noted that FOX just hired screenwriter Ryan Condal to write a script to build a franchise for the graphic novel Queen & Country.

The project, based on Greg Rucka's Oni Press comic, centers on a female Special Ops agent who is on the run after carrying out a high-level assassination in Eastern Europe. Those familiar with the project have described it as a female version of The Bourne Identity.

Who should play the lead character Tara Chase? Here are my top picks...

1. Elizabeth Banks - I could see the Zack and Miri star bulking up for this role, learning some martial arts and being able to cause some disarray in Eastern Europe.

2. Sophia Myles - She played a vampire in Underworld so why not give her the chance to kick butt like Kate Beckinsale?

3. Zooey Deschanel - With the right hair dye, some hand-to-hand combat training and an extra dose of her sense of humor Special Ops style she could make Tara Chase come to life in a very cool way.

4. Yvonne Strahovski - She's the obvious choice, her work as a CIA agent on NBC's Chuck sets her up perfectly. I totally believe that she could snap someone's neck.

Honorable mentions go to Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars) and Allison Mack (Smallville). They might work for the role too.

So which actress do you most want to see star in her own action franchise?


Live for films said...

Definitely the girl from Chuck. She would be excellent

Karen said...

Yeah, she's pretty kick-butt on Chuck. Can't wait for the new season of that show!

Unknown said...

Elizabeth Banks has only done drama, comedy and horror.. so it'd be interesting to see her do action for a change

I'm also thinking Emma Stone.. who's kicking butt in the upcoming ZOMBIELAND would be a good candidate too.

If Drea De Matteo from The Sopranos was 10 years younger, she'd be perfect for this role.

Karen said...

I thought about Emma Stone too.

Stefan Blitz said...

Emma Stone is a bit young. I do like the casting idea of Yvonne, although, I'd also like to consider someone like Kate Winslet or Cate Blanchett. The chances of a studio backed film with a B or C list lead, despite how perfect they might be, probably won't happen.

Personally, I'd love to see Queen & Country go to HBO, in which case, the casting is a little more open.

Karen said...

Good point! HBO could be a good avenue, plus they get bunch of award nominations for their projects.

Thanks for stopping by!