Youth In Revolt

Michael Cera is an actor and a genre. At least that's how it seems, here's his latest offering:

Youth In Revolt comes to theaters October 30th.


Anonymous said...

I really liked how you put that, "An actor and a genre."

Alea said...

I agree with Des. This one seems extra hilarious from him. I remember seeing this book probably a few years ago when they said it was going to be made into a movie, wow that happened quick!

Karen said...


Yeah, it came together quickly. Cera also has another movie coming out in 2010 based off a comic book called Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Alea said...

Oh geez, he's going to over-saturate the screen soon. :(

glimmer said...

loved the and a genre bit ! :)

Karen said...

That's one over-saturation I'd be quite fine with (as long as the roles are quality).


Vance said...

"Actor and a genre". lol. So true.

Saw an early screening tho and it actually sort of takes his genre and then flips it on its head, and Cera gets to act like the anti-Cera too! Which is fun to watch but a bit disconcerting. (Sadly that was about the most interesting part of the film. I actually forgot I saw this already until your post).

Karen said...

You saw an early screening, cool! It will be interesting seeing Cera play "a bad guy" but that mustache just makes me want to laugh. Can't wait!

deb said...

Looks Fun.
I like your postings (films). I really don't have the time to check out movie reviews,I can go to your blog and watch clips of different genres not just "main street " .
Keep up the "reel" work.