Flashback: Interview with Yvette Nicole Brown

Last year I did an actress spotlight on Yvette Nicole Brown who at the time mostly had guest starring and supporting roles to her credit. Now she's a series regular on one of the most anticipated shows coming to NBC: Community. You can watch the premiere tonight at 9:30 p.m.

The following is a few snippets from the interview I did back then:

When did you get bit by the acting bug?

I've always loved commercials, even when I was a little girl. So I guess I've been "bitten" for as long as I can remember. But I didn't actually start auditioning for things (school plays, local community productions etc.) until I was in junior high school.

How did your family react when you told them you decided to be a professional actress?

My family is full of funny creative people, so everybody was pretty supportive. My late uncle, Charles Brown, was a successful actor on Broadway and in television and film. So it's sorta in my blood, I guess.

When you made the big move to Los Angeles what were those first few months like?

I moved to L.A. right after college. It was scary at first because I didn't know anybody and I only had a guaranteed place to stay for the first three days...but I had faith that God would make a way...and He truly has every step of the way. I ended up staying with a friend from high school's mom for my first three months in L.A. That was a blessing that came out of nowhere!

What's the best advice you've learned from someone in the biz?

I've gotten a lot of great advice through the years, but something I've learned from my own experience in this business is to not get attached to anything. That may sound a little pessimistic, but the truth of this business is that everything ends. Sometimes it’s after a day on set, for a commercial...a few weeks/months, for a movie...or after a few years (if you're lucky) on a TV show. It all ends. You can't get attached to the shape your life takes at any given moment. You have to stay loose and free and grateful. And pack up and move on when the time comes...and it's going to come. HA!

How does your faith keep you grounded in an industry focused on...well, you know what it's focused on?

I decided when I entered this business that the moment I couldn't continue on with my Christianity and morals in tact, that was the day I'd go no further as an actress. My goal when I started acting was to hopefully make some people laugh and make enough money to live off of along the way. Thankfully, I’ve been blessed to do that. Anything else that comes my way, is just icing on an already awesome cake. I think most folks who lose their way in this industry, lose it because they’re focused on riches and fame. And the love and pursuit of those things is what makes you compromise. I think it’s also important to know where your blessings come from. Mine come from God, not a particular studio head or casting director. So I never feel the need to do something I don’t agree with to gain their favor. At best those in power can be used by God to bless me (and thankfully so!) But what’s good in my life doesn't originate with them. As long as I keep my eye on where all the good stuff comes from, I won't be swayed by offers to take part in things that go against what I personally believe. Keeping my eye on God keeps me grounded.

What advice would you offer young actresses looking to make in it Hollywood?

Read as much as you can about the industry. The internet and book stores are full of info about breaking into the industry. I'd also suggest reading the biographies of folks who've had the kind of career you aspire to have. And also, always believe in your dreams. So many people will tell you that you can't do it. Your job is to not listen to them.

You can read the full interview here.


Film Gurl said...

Great interview! I especially like the part where she gives her input and advice to those wanting to get into the biz - very valuable information. Thanks for sharing!

Issa Rae said...

Oh wow! Great interview indeed. And I LOVED "Community" last night. It was hilarious.

Karen said...

Glad you enjoyed it! Thursday is now my favorite night on TV: The Office, Fringe, 30 Rock, Vampire Diaries, Parks & Rec and now Community! My DVR is locked up.

Action Flick Chick said...

Great questions! She did give some good advice about not getting attached to anything. Community looks really good. I'm sad I missed it, but I'll find a way to see it next time.

Karen said...

Hopefully, they post the NBC shows on IMDb like they did last year.