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Jennifer's Body - A Review

Jennifer's Body makes indie rock wicked sweet, heavy on the wicked part. It's a tale of friendship (the bff kind) gone astray.

Diablo Cody dazzled me with her outrageously cool dialogue once again, this time mostly through Amanda Seyfried and Megan Fox's banter. The things that they were say were so unexpected causing a collective "oh yeah, she went there" throughout the audience that made people laugh out loud. And laugh, I did, from beginning to end because Jennifer's Body has the right amount of campy charm.

Which makes me wonder, who should be next in line as a Cody-inspired leading lady? Kristin Bell tops of my list. Imagine Veronica Mars under Cody's guidance, only good things could come from that collaboration. Or perhaps Alexis Bledel, Zooey Deschanel or Lauren Graham. They need your words, Diablo, please make it happen!

I saw Jennifer's Body to support a female screenwriter, an Asian-American director, to see how Megan Fox did in a starring role, to get a glimpse of the rising star Seyfried, and most of all to be entertained.

Box office disappointment, to some yes, but cult movie status...oh yes!

Years from now people will be lining up at Comic-Cons around the country quoting her wacky lines, and maybe that's all Cody wanted to begin with.

UPDATE: Check out these positive reviews of Jennifer's Body: Genevieve and EruditeChick get the movie!


djclue said...

I heard Jennifer's body was very interesting! I want to see it.. Good post!

Issa Rae said...

Thank you for this! You've re-encouraged me to see the movie again! Now, I just need to find someone to go with me :-\

glimmer said...

not a fan of megan's or diablo's so i'm glad to see this fail. :)

and not just fail but go way under boxoffice expectations and bad reviews too. i smiled... :)

alan orthman said...

too bad for Megan Fox, eventually she'll have to actually do some acting at which point she'll be done for; but it looks she may have escaped career destruction for a least a little while longer...

Karen said...

Ouch. That's a severe stance but I know that's how some people feel about them. I, on the other hand, wish them all the best in their careers!