Favorite End Credit Songs?

They're the songs that set the final tone for a film and if the rest of the soundtrack is great then they're like a cherry on top. A couple of my favorites are "What I've Done" by Linkin Park (Transformers) and "Extreme Ways" by Moby (The Bourne Ultimatium).

What songs did you stay in your seats for?


Sergio said...

Yeah Strange Ways is really good, but my absolute favorite end credit song was for the James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies, Surrender, sung by k.d. lang. It was originally written to be sung for the opening credits for for some reason at the last minute they replaced it with a totally forgettable, awful song sung by Sheryl Crow (I guess because Crow was sexier than lang) The Crow song is maybe the worst Bond song next to that awful one Maddonna sang for Die Another Die. The lang song is a really terrific song that really captures the sound of those great early Bond songs like Thunderball and Goldfinger written by John Barry and sung by Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey and lang really belts it out like Bassey would have. Someone on Youtube took the lang song and put it over the opening credits the way it was supposed to be. Check out for yourself:

Karen said...

The James Bond music is iconic for sure! That song with K.D. Lang fits and like you I wasn't too fond of that Madonna song either.

Kaitlin said...

Cameron Crowe is notorious for having superb end credit sequences, and since he's an ex writer for Rolling Stone he always has phenomenal accompanying tunes. For example, in Jerry Maguire he ends it with little Ray chucking the baseball to the older kids and Bob Dylan's Shelter From the Storm playing. In Almost Famous he flashes polaroids from the Stillwater tour while the Beach Boys' Feel Flows cranks. Bottom line: Crowe rocks, the end.

Noelani said...

Oh I love this question!

Some of my favorite End credit songs:

Season of The Witch by Donovan Leitch (To Die For), While The Earth Sleeps by Peter Gabriel (Strange Days), Play Your Cards Right by Common (Smokin Aces -- the only good thing about the movie *lol*). I know there are more but I have to think a bit, it's late.

Karen said...

Almost Famous is superb! That movie is great from beginning to end. Nice pick!

LOL at your Smokin Aces reference.

Unknown said...

I like this post, great topic

definitely the soothing rendition of SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW by the late great Israel Kamakawiwo Ole', played in the end credit of 50 FIRST DATES

Karen said...

Ohh, that's a good one!

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