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Felicia Day on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Because this interview is too awesome not to post...

Felicia Day also recently chatted with - Here's a snippet from that: Do you think geek culture gets a little bit watered down when it makes it to the mainstream? You were on Undeclared, which has really good geek credentials.

Day: I think there are some people out there who do get it. I think Big Bang Theory is actually a great show. And The Office — you could consider that a geeky, because they’re real people. You believe them. But in general, there’s nothing more frustrating than that stereotypical gamer — the teenager in the basement with his mom getting him Hot Pockets. That’s why I wrote the show as well; because that stereotype is not accurate. Every quirky girl doesn’t have to be the best-friend character. It’s a very limiting and self-fulfilling prophecy. People only write things that will get green-lit so they write to those stereotypes. And that’s why I think that the audience is crumbling. Because the things they perceive that the audience wants aren’t necessarily what the audience wants. I don’t identify with a lot of the things I see on TV nowadays. I’d probably rather be gaming, to be honest with you.

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