Magazine Round-Up: Megan Fox on Nylon

Megan Fox chats Jennifer's Body, video games and career aspirations in the latest edition of Nylon magazine. I enjoyed the interview and the hipster clothes, but I pretty much enjoy every issue they put out! Here's the video from the cover shoot:

What kind of role would you like to see Fox play in next?


Sergio said...

Sorry but I'm not feeling Fox and never have. Why is she famous in the first place? She can't act and I find her cold, soulless and totally unsexy. She's not all that bright either

Karen said...

"Cold and soulless" - Ouch! Those are some tough words Sergio. From what I can tell she has a fascinating personality and I enjoy reading her interviews. The Nylon one is the best I've read so far. I just wish she would have talked more about video games!

As for acting, she was fun in Jennifer's Body. It was hilarious (in a good way) those Diablo Cody-isms crack me up. I liked her part in the first Tranformers but the second one had way too many robot fights and not enough story!

I prefer not to jump on the "I-hate-Megan-Fox" bandwagon. Hopefully, she gets some dramatic roles.

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