Red Cliff

Red Cliff is John Woo's latest effort. The story centers on an epic battle between an underdog rebel army and a mischievous prime minister who wants to rule everything. It's a long movie but fans of action will enjoy the creative ways they kill people during combat, some action sequences are brutally clever.

Outside of martial arts the main appeal is Takeshi Kaneshiro (House of Flying Daggers). He plays a war sage who looks quite handsome as he keeps his cool amidst all the chaos.

In theaters November 20th.


Unknown said...

Awesome post!! Movies that have new and creative fight scenes are the best. I will definitely go see this.

deb said...

This goes right to the top of my list.I agree with Kevin and the scenery looks amazing.

Karen said...

The scenery is great! To use a sports term, it's the 6th player. It's the unsung hero of the film (as most diverse settings are) - I think you'll like it. I did!

Karen said...

Oh--and the costumes are visually appealing too. Great use of vibrant colors.

Clarabela said...

Don't ask why, but I love martial arts and kung fu movies. I am looking forward to seeing Red Cliff.


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Sergio said...

I actually meet briefly John Woo at a recption in his honor just a few weeks ago and he's a very sweet, very modest person. I can't tell you what a thrill that was since he is for me, without question, one of the greatest directors working today

The thing about Red Cliff however is that the version being shown in the U.S. is a re-edited version. The original Red Cliff seen overseas was actually in two parts Red Cliff and Red Cliff II both running about 2 and half each) The version being shown here is an re-cut version made with Woo's supervision taking parts from both films. The original I and II are now available on DVD and on Blu Ray overeas and in Asia in Region Rree copies. I definitely intend to get those.

Joshua dos Santos said...

i'm really looking forward to this! john woo hasn't made a good movie in a long time and it seems like a return to his roots

Sergio said...

O.K. so granted Paycheck wasn't the greatest, though it had its moments, but aside from that there hasn't been a John Woo film that I didn"t like

Karen said...

You met John Woo, sweet!

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