Interview with Heather Ann Davis

Heather Ann Davis is part model, part fangirl and a self proclaimed music nerd. She played Olivia, the lead character, in the web series The Lake.

The following are snippets from our conversation about the show, acting and Jason Priestley. I hope you have as much fun reading the interview as I did conducting it.

On getting into acting:

I always grew up wanting to be an entertainer. I first started out wanting to be Reba McEntire but when that didn’t work out I had to find something else. [laughs] I ended up modeling when I quit my day job like four years ago and I had nothing else to do and that sort of got me into acting as well.

Favorite music?

I am such a music nerd so this question could take forever. [laughs] I’ll try to not do that. I think different things sort of end up hitting me in different ways or finding me in different points of my life. In Rainbows, RadioHead’s new album is without a question one of the most beautifully composed pieces I’ve ever heard in my life. That would definitely be a creative catalyst for me.

What parts of Olivia remind you of yourself?

I think she’s pretty much exactly what I was when I was fifteen. [laughs] I definitely indentify with her. I feel like she’s got a lot of strong confident ideas within herself but there’s sort of a lack of ability to translate that, so she ends up sort of insecure and awkward. Kind of falls in love with every boy a little bit. I definitely had that problem. I didn’t know what to do with them when they showed up. Yeah. [laughs] I think she’s sort of quiet and perhaps more introspective and I was definitely that way when I was a teenager. Much more goofy now. [laughs] It’s just a lot of her lack of self-assuredness that I identify with a lot.

On preparing for the role:

I went back and walked around my old high school. [laughs] It was fun to get that feeling, which is weird. And I did some diary entries, like I kind of spent a whole night journaling as her…cause I was definitely a journaler when I was 15 and I think she would be too. It made it feel more natural, easy, second nature I guess.


The vibe on set:

So great, so good! We couldn’t have asked for a better cast. We were working such insane hours. The shoot was so compact, I guess that’s a good word, we ended getting a group of incredible people who were willing to work on a sort of fly by a seat of your pants situation. There’s no room for any sort of diva attitude or anything. We all had to be up a 5 o’clock and we all had to be on set until like 10:30. Everybody was great and goofy and fun. And…we’ve ended up being really good friends in real life which is just, you know, never expected and always a blessing and a pleasant surprise. And Jason [priestley] is just really easy to work for. He’s always happy. It doesn’t matter if it was hailing outside or raining he had a smile on his face and was ready to go. He really set the tone.

On who she's most interested in collaborating with:

I sort of feel embarrassed admitting something like that, you know, like a little bit of a fangirl. I won’t give many and there are many but I would probably die if I had the opportunity to work with Tim Burton. And I feel similarly about Peter Jackson. Does that give you any indication of my taste? [laughs]

Into comic books?

If you really want to complete the nerd trifecta here I was very into X-Men growing up. So there you go! 

On movies that inspired her as a kid:

I’m gonna really embarrass myself right now. [laughs] Probably The Secret Garden was the first one. I was in like 3rd grade when I saw that movie. I think that was the first time that I actually was cognitive of the fact that movies were like a play, they were real-life, they were people getting to play around and do something neat. And I loved the story and I wanted to be able to do something like that.

Outside of acting what sparks your creativity?

Well, I play guitar and piano. I spend a lot of my free time writing music that’s probably terrible but a lot of fun to do. [laughs] And I think I’m a little musically driven. I spend a lot of my time finding new local bands that are cool and exposing friends to bands that they haven’t heard of. I do a lot of writing, drawing, painting. I have a lot of free time. [laughs]

Upcoming projects:

I am working on a short film at the moment. It’s titled Firework...and always with the modeling.

Any aspirations on getting behind the camera?

I don’t know about the near future necessarily, but the future in general, yeah absolutely. I would love to try my hand at writing or directing…I think with most creative people we’re similar and we like to try a lot of different things, a lot of different ways to express ourselves.

Especially the web, that’s just a blossoming media. There’s definitely possibilities there. I feel like it’s this blank canvas that’s waiting for people to throw something at it that works.


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[Photo Credit: TheWB & Flickr]

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