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LA Skins Fest

Over the weekend I had the chance to catch some short films at the 3rd Annual LA Skins Fest. Here are my favorites:

Crazy Ind'n The Sequel offers outlandish humor i.e. Robot Chicken. It's refreshing to see Native American filmmakers pushing the limits using traditional "stereotypes" and giving them artistic freedom.

A Return Home is a documentary that deals with the bittersweet story of a Navajo artist who returns to the reservation of her birth. After being away for several years B. Emerson Kitsman contemplates her self-identity in a place that sees her as a "stranger." If you're a fan of sunset paintings then you'll find Kitsman's work impressive. Especially the big canvas piece she worked on with the red rocks in the background. Stunning!

Spout is perhaps my favorite of them all. It's an offbeat story about psuedo-vampirism, but not the friendly kind. These people suck blood in an unusual but entertaining way. The cast is multicultural, the colors vibrant, the plot quirky and the characters fun!

Overall, The LA Skins Fest is a hidden gem. It felt like going to an indie rock concert that only a few people know about where everyone senses that it will morph into something big down the line.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty Kool stuff !!! Nice blog..

Ramona Emerson said...

Hey glad you liked A Return Home - oh if you could only see the vast scope of my mom's work - the lithography, woodcuts, photographs, monotypes... this film only touches the surface.