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box[ur]shorts Film Fest

The box[ur]shorts film festival spreads the word about intriguing short films. I attended the fest over the weekend and here are some of my favorites:

How to Cope with Rejection
His girlfriend breaks up with him so he calls a ninja to fix things.

It's pretty much a universal law that girls don't like spiders, unless they're really brave. Spider came in 2nd place overall. Watch and you'll see why...

Big Buck Bunny
Life in the wild can be hilariously funny with these animates characters. 

Other notable films include Sija Luo's Kidnap. It was the most adorable short of the fest (couldn't find a trailer online though) and Sebastian's Voodoo by LA filmmaker Joaquin Baldwin which I wrote about last year.

For more info on the box[ur]shorts film fest visit their official site at

[photo by Wilki W.K. Tom]

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