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The Good Guy

In The Good Guy Alexis Bledel's character has to choose between two Wall Street types, a hot-shot and a newbie. Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights) and Bryan Greenberg (How To Make It In America) play her dashing love interests, but the real star of the film is New York City. First-time director Julio DePietro captures some beautiful scenes of the city and layers them with a solid soundtrack including songs from Ra Ra Riot and Plushgun.

Now in theaters (New York and Los Angeles).

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rain said...

Looks amazing good! lots of tv show actors that I like Alot. Also is that the girl from My Girl playing her friend in this movie?
Cant wait to see it

Karen said...

Yeah, Anna Chlumsky from My Girl is playing her friend. She's all grown up now.

Clarabela said...

This looks really interesting. I will have to check it out when it comes to town. What is the release date?