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PAFF: Speed-Dating

Speed-Dating is a cute indie rom-com starring Wesley Jonathan (What I Like About You, Roll Bounce). The film had its world premiere at the Pan African Film Fest on Valentine's Day.

Johathan plays a carefree bachelor who creates a speed dating scam with his buddies (Chico Benymon & Leonard Armond Robinson) to get as many girls as possible.

It's good to see more black filmmakers entering the quirky man-child genre. I nominate Benymon for a leading role. His storyline and on-screen chemistry with Vanessa Simmons was especially cute. An indie rock soundtrack would have been more refreshing instead of hip-hop but overall the film was enjoyable.

Speed-Dating doesn't have a set release date because they're still looking for a distributor but keep this film on your radar.

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Simon said...

I love adorable indie romantic comedies as much as the next guy, but I also want to hit Wesley Jonathon in the face. So conflicted...

Rain said...

Oh this looks interesting. Its seems like Hitch Mixed with other comedies lol I love Wesley Johnathon ever since City Guys when I was a kid! Leonard Armond Robinson is so hilarious he was on Nick Cannon Presents "Wild'N'Out"

Karen said...

LOL at City Guys, I used to watch that show every week when it came on "Teen NBC" on Saturday mornings.