Film Location: 500 Days of Summer

Remember the bench scenes in 500 Days of Summer? That's a real place in downtown Los Angeles. When I first watched the movie I didn't realize that I had been there already, it looked more grand on the big screen, almost like another city. But that's how movie magic works: filmmakers take an ordinary place and make it cool.

Here's a little footage from a recent visit.

[HT to Thad for being my bench model]


Alea said...

That's so cool! Thanks for sharing!

DH said...

i live downtown. Where is this bench at?

Bleu said...

I love your blog. Cool stuff.

Karen said...

My pleasure. It's a nice little spot.

It's at 4th and Hill.

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy it.

Anne. said...

Man. Whenever I pass by this, I pout because as much as I want to sit there and experience Tom and Summer's bench, I know I'd probably get lost trying to get up there. Hahahaha, pathetic, really.

art on canvas said...

I was wondering where that was the other, thanks a lot for letting us know :)