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The Killer Inside Me

British director Michael Winterbottom’s (A Mighty Heart24 Hour Party People) adaptation of Jim Thompson’s novel has been garnering buzz since its polarizing festival reactions. The strong violence in the film was criticized and even caused some people to walk out. The trailer has now been released and it looks fantastic. It's well edited, creepy, and showcases the dreamlike cinematography. IFC bought the film and it will open in limited release on June 18.


Alex said...

I think people have been exaggerating the violence in this film. There are one or two scenes of very realistic beatings, but the film itself is that not that violent. It's also not as good as it could have been, sadly. Casey Affleck is great though! And there are some pretty, atmospheric 50's visuals.

The Taxi Driver said...

This looks like it will be the first good movie Kate Hudsen has been in since Almost Famous. I read the script for this last year and it was very promising. The trailer only makes me want to see it more.