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Come Early Morning

In Come Early Morning Ashley Judd plays a southern woman who loves beer, bars and meaningless sex. But in her brokenness there are glimpses of personal redemption and that's what makes this story interesting. With its fairly small cast, including Jeffrey Donovan (Burn Notice) and Laura Prepon (That 70s Show) it offers strong performances wrapped in Tim Orr's well-crafted cinematography.

If I had to place it Come Early Morning belongs on the shelf (or queue) next to Crazy Heart, Rachel Getting Married and Trucker.

Available on Netflix.


rain said...

This film seems that it will have a lot of heartfelt meaning! Especially since it has a small cast! Plus i love Ashley Judd when she has a southern accent it reminds me of " Where the Heart Is" with her and Natalie Portman.

Karen said...

Where The Heart Is, my favorite!