Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Man of Action

One of the best parts of Inception was watching Joseph Gordon-Levitt kick butt. He looks good with a gun, suave in a James Bond way. With the right story he transforms into a man of action, a hero, totally opposite of that nerdy guy he once played in 10 Things I Hate About You. Let's hope he gets a shot at his own action franchise alongside all the great indie films.

Charismatic, talented, awkwardly cool...


Ashley said...

I can't get over
1. how phenomenal this movie is
2. how stunning JGL is in it!
I've seen it twice and I'm planning on seeing it again next week.

Karen said...

I'd like to see it again! You really have to pay attention to the little details and every time I saw JGL I just wanted to smile. Lol. Nolan is a master storyteller. Superb!

Issa Rae said...

I. LOVE. that Nylon Interview. "awkwardly cool" is the perfect way to describe him ... and endearing. was that Zooey Deschanel's music playing in the background too?

Kaitlin said...

I just saw this movie yesterday and am already thinking of seeing it again. I thought JGL was a total scene-stealer. I've never seen him so suave before! I feel this analogy is appropriate: Desmond is to LOST what JGL was to Inception. That's basically the best compliment I can give, ha..I'm a nerd.

Karen said...

Nylon does great video interviews, and I could listen to JGL talk like that for an hour. He seems truly passionate about his craft which is refreshing because he's been in the biz so long. Oddly enough that wasn't She & Him in the video but it should have been.

Yes, score one for the nerds! JGL was a total "suave scene-stealer". Must see movie again!

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