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Welcome to the Rileys

Welcome to the Rileys is awkward and painful, but in a good way. What happens when an older man tries to befriend a young prostitute and when grief sucks the life out of a relationship? James Gandolfini, Kristen Stewart and Melissa Leo are able to effectively showcase a trio of brokenness in a city that mirrors the inner struggle its characters face:  Being hit by the storms of life and coping with the disarray. 

I caught Welcome to the Rileys at the L.A. Film Fest and after the screening the stars where there for a Q&A which proved to be awkwardly entertaining. They all seemed shy yet passionate about their work and their chemistry translated well on-screen. If you go into the movie without a heavy Twilight bias then chances are you'll enjoy it...

In theaters November 5th.

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canvas art prints said...

I'm glad Kirsten is getting more recignition for great films other than the crap Twilight.