German Currents (New Films From Germany)

Tonight marks the opening of the 2010 German Currents Film Festival in Los Angeles. They'll be showcasing the German submission for the Oscars called When We Leave about "a woman trapped in an abusive relationship, who must not only free herself from that marriage, but also from cultural prejudices and judgements."  The festival runs October 20 - 24th and will be screening several German produced films.

For more info visit their website


Brit Burnham said...

Interesting! With my family all being from Germany, I love watching German films whenever I can. Hopefully I can catch 'When We Leave' before the Oscars.

piscescancer said...

I saw "When We Leave" at the Tribeca Film Festival this year and it left me bawling. I knew it was going to be a heavy drama, and yet I chose to see it in public... On the bright side, I was not alone. The whole theater was very animated with their reactions. Also, Sibel Kekilli's performance is really great!

Karen said...

It was a great film, full of sad moments but powerful.

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