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Trailer - The Beaver

You have probably heard about Jodie Foster's new movie where Mel Gibson plays a guy who begins to talk through a beaver puppet. Really. Well the trailer has been released and it's actually not as ridiculous as the premise sounds. It shows a very dramatic and sentimental film. Still not sure how it will turn out and whether or not it will be able to resurrect Gibson's career. Opens February 11th.


Candice Frederick said...

this movie looks so lame for me. i really think Mel needs to hide for a bit. he's such a good actor, but this movie looks so sub par.

Karen said...

The script topped The Black List a while back so I'm interested in reading a hard copy. It's unfortunate that Mel Gibson's personal crisis might overshadow a good story.

Anonymous said...

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deb said...

In some ways this looks like Mel's life right now. Looks interesting, I hope he get better. We all rough times.

Anonymous said...

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rain said...

I wanna see it and you can't let Mel Gibson REAL life DRAMA influence you on a character he is portraying in this film.

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