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Reel Artsy Fashion

Hello, my name is Aspen Eray. I run the fashion blog Bushy Head & Wide Eyes. I've been asked to help contribute to this blog by the wonderful, Karen. I'm very excited about posting and giving a little insight into the things that I enjoy. 

I think for this first post I'll show a little bit of my own personal style.

My style can be a bit all over the place at times. I tend to just wear what I like. I'm very into worn/vintage clothing and bright/childish clothing. When I put this outfit together I had planned to go hiking. I'm wearing a simple gray dress, some stripped tights, a big sweater, a vintage vest and my ever so useful backpack.

I had gotten that backpack around the age of 12 from a thrift store. I remember liking it because I was very into dragon hunting at the time and it reminded me of something a dragon hunter would carry his/her things in. I've used it for years and it's never let me down. As you can see I have some odd and ends pinned on my vest.  I grabbed a few things out of my little wooden odds and ends box and pinned them on myself.

My little birdy broach came from a little vintage store in my town. The cross is my great grandmothers Celtic cross that I wear with a piece of leather as the chain and a chain necklace I bought at a flea market for 50 cents. I think it's fun buying little odd bits here and there that you end up using in fun ways. I always do that. I buy things I never think I'd use and I always end up using them in some way that is really fun for me.

Well, that's my first post. Nothing too long. I like to keep things sort of short, who knows what you might be doing! I'm very excited to be posting on this blog. I can't wait to share wonderful things with you all. Please check out my personal style blog if you get the chance.


Rain said...

Good first post looking forward to more fashion post on reel artsy :]

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