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Parked (LA Irish Film Fest)

Parked is one of the best films I've seen. It showcases the beauty of storytelling, quiet in tone but powerful in spirit. It's the kind of movie you feel, and feel deeply. The cinematography is dreamy, lots of ghostly shots by the water. But its richness comes in the subtle scenes between Colm Meaney (Law Abiding Citizen) and Colin Morgan (Merlin) who offer two solid performances.
Lonely and beleaguered Fred Daly (Meaney) returns to his native Ireland with no place to call home except his car. When pothead Cathal (Morgan) parks next to him, the two strike up an unlikely friendship. With Cathal’s help, Fred begins to put his life back together little by little, and starts by introducing himself to cute, unusual music teacher Jules.
In theaters March 2012. (For those in Ireland, it opens on October 14th)

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deb said...

wow...your description makes me want see the movie right now... will add to my list. thanks !

canvas prints said...

Sounds like something different - I like!

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