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Reel Artsy Watch

Reel Artsy is still alive... We've been enjoying the summer blockbusters and busy creating some new features for the site. We're committed to spotlighting the best of all things Quirky, Awkward and Offbeat in movies, TV, indie film and beyond.

In the meantime I've compiled a quick Ones to Watch List:

Aubrey Plaza - Signature: Deadpan charm.

Where You've Seen Her: She's great at making snarky remarks in Parks & Recreation alongside Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones (and the rest of the awesome Pawnee gang). In Scott Pilgrim vs. The World she offered some scene-stealing moments in the uber quirky Michael Cera flick.

Upcoming & Emerging: Safety Not Guaranteed pairs her alongside another Reel Artsy favorite Mark Duplass. This movie puts her in the leading lady role and that's exactly where her career needs. Time to level up!

Zoe Lister Jones - Signature: Co-writer/co-star.

Where You've Seen Her: In the heartfelt Arranged playing a Jewish bride-to-be and in Breaking Upwards as a disillusioned 20-something in NYC.

Upcoming & Emerging: Films like Lola Versus continue to put her on the map, showcasing her skills in front and behind-the-camera as screenwriter. She's the kind of filmmaker who is on the verge of crafting her own niche in Hollywood, and if things go right... she could get her own TV show like Mindy Kaling or Lena Dunham.

Trieste Kelly Dunn - Signature: Indie darling.

Where You've Seen Her: On the film festival circuit starring in Cold Weather (an offbeat brother/sister whodunit story) and The New Year giving a powerful performance as a woman in search of her place in the world.

Upcoming & Emerging: Her IMDb page doesn't have heaps of upcoming projects but given the right opportunity she could have a major break-through. If you haven't seen her in The New Year do yourself a favor and watch it via iTunes. You'll see the beautiful range of emotions she brings to small town life.


deb said...

Looking forward to all the new movies and interviews. Hope you are having a great summer

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