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The Wonderful World of Black Lesbians

I'm interested in creating content that features black lesbians in the forefront. Through my writings, my photography, and any other medium that lends itself to the process and art of storytelling. 

Black lesbians matter. 

Our stories, our love, our journey of discovery... It offers beauty and a layered richness that needs to be displayed, seen and felt in this world. 

It is my goal to spotlight the stories of black people, especially black women, and most specifically black women who identify as queer on the LGBTQ spectrum. 

This is my Dear Black Lesbians (of sorts) - my beacon, me officially coming out, and inviting other black lesbians across the globe to sit down around my digital campfire as I share my story, and curate stories of black women simply existing wonderfully and bravely in the their various paths of life.

Hey. Hi. Hello!


Karen (Twitter: @ReelArtsy | IG: ReelArtsy



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