90 Days (2016)

The trailer for 90s Days looks like a master class on how to make its star, Teyonah Parris, glow in every frame. And honestly-- Teyonah Parris deserves this kind of attention. I want to applaud whoever was in charge of mapping out the color palette for this short film because it is a real treat. I want more of Parris-- that's the general sentiment when it comes to her talent. Her work in Dear White People, If Beale Street Could Talk, even Chi-Raq (where she took center stage) just made me crave more of her onscreen presence.

I took a quick look at her IMDb page and I see that she has some new projects on deck. Some of the movies may be supporting roles, but I really long for her to be positioned in roles that garner her direct attention, awards nominations, and buzz. I'm excited to see where her career goes, and 90 Days is a nice snapshot in the tapestry of her overall body of work.

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