Mariah Elizabeth in Dark Elf Territory

A photo series that captures the beauty of a curvy dark elf, alone in the woods, as we get a glimpse of her in natural element. Who is this mythical creature, what does she dream of? What happens to her when she stumbles upon a hidden gateway that leads her down a path that connects her to the human world?

Story and Creative Direction by Karen Gilmore - featuring model & Detroit artist Mariah Elizabeth Lenox.

She is a fire in the night, warming you with her presence, her vibes radiant, pulling you in... Your eyes fixated on her skin, the glittering allure of her caramel touch. You find yourself inching closer intoxicated by her glow. You want to reach out-- trace your fingers along the length of her the of arm, to the small of her back as you savor the beauty of her curves. She has enchanted you. Captivated you, seduced you like a dark elf from another realm, her eyes ablaze-- she is fully aware of her power over you, and she drinks it in. She grins, knowing that she has you under her spell. That you are dizzy under her charm, eager to please, willing to do whatever she requests