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The Curious Case of Meagan Tandy

Can I wish this pairing into existence? Meagan Tandy and British director R.M. Moses need to collaboration on a project. Please indulge me; I'm about to do some Subtle Core match making...

Tandy plays Sophie Moore on The CW's Batwoman.  The show is... Fun, in a proudly queer way. Its presence on TV is definitely needed, because LGBTQ representation matters, and not every show that features lesbian characters has to be some Emmy-winning juggernaut. When it comes to the case of Meagan Tandy and her character, I wish that she had more-- more layers, more screen time, more material and depth to uncover. But only so much can fit into a superhero show (at times). Which is exactly why I want Tandy to be paired with the kind of indie film director that can give her room to blossom, and perform, where her acting takes center stage in a stripped back poetically raw way.

Tandy's best work on Batwoman comes when she pauses, it's in those split-seconds, these bite size moments where I see glimmers of possible greatness, where she lets her character's dialogue linger, leaving emotion in the air, in a subtle yet tangible way. An indie filmmaker like Moses, whose work is deeply entrenched in those rhythmic pauses that illuminate authentic moments of connection-- would be a splendid cinematic match.

You can file Moses' style in the realm of "mood-drenched introspective drama" alongside filmmakers like Hsiao-Hsien Hou i.e. Daughter of The Nile. Take a look at Moses' directing reel, and you'll see that he is very much indeed Subtle Core, an emerging talent who could easily join the ranks of auteurs like Barry Jenkins and Andrew Dosunmu.

After my post on Dijon Talton, I went to Twitter to plead my case on why Moses and Talton could make magic together. That resulted in the dynamic short film Before We Crash.

And so, to wrap things up... May the universe be kind enough to bring these two talents: Meagan Tandy and R.M. Moses together in some cinematic endeavor in a world beyond COVID-19. In times like these we can only hope production picks up again, and the filmmaking community gives us more opportunities to witness the beauty of storytelling on our screens.

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