Reel Artsy Wellness Spotlight: Oracle's Apothecary

Nestled within Michigan's Capital City is a quaint healing shop bursting with natural light and good vibes called Oracle's Apothecary. The building resides in the Old Town of Lansing, a district that prides itself on being artsy and offbeat. Candice is the owner and curator of this metaphysical store that offers a wide-range of crystals and energy tools to assist customers along their spiritual journey. 

On their website, Candice notes that she teaches "classes on Grounding, Shielding, and Cleansing as well as Ancestor Veneration and Safe Spirit Communication." Candice proudly refers to herself as "The Oracle" and offers her store's space as a haven for spiritually minded Black and POCs in the healing community (locals, and those willing to travel from afar for her services). 

Oracle's Apothecary offers products like "Cleanse Yo Self Body Butter," smudge sticks, goats milk soaps, "Shields Up" herbal baths, and a wide spectrum of healing crystals, teas, tarot cards and serums. This Black-owned shop is a must-visit for those interested in cultivating holistic wellness. 

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