The Tyra Show Asks 'What Are You?'

In non-film news, check out this episode of Tyra about being biracial, how they identify and how other people perceive them.

As a mixed person I can relate to being mistaken for another ethnicity but some of the views these women have are so skewed, it's sad.

There's a bit of everything on here: black, Latino, Asian, white and Arab.

What are your thoughts on all this?

[Hat tip to Afro Nerd]


Unknown said...

this episode just boggled my mind. especially the 1st guest.

Invisible Woman said...

It's so ridiculous, all of it. When I'm on the East Coast, people think I'm Spanish (Dominican, etc.) On the West Coast, they think everyone Latin is Mexican, and no one thinks I'm Spanish.

The only thing that matters is what you identify yourself with; just put it out there, own it, and stop whining, yaknow?!

Anonymous said...

Such a shame. I am fortunate that I come from an open minded family.

Karen said...

I felt really sad for the Middle Eastern girl at the end. I can't stand it when I hear people making crude racist remarks against Arab-Americans and trying to pass them off as jokes.