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If you're a sci-fi fan then you're probably familiar with Kandyse McClure who plays Lt. Anastasia Dualla on Battlestar Galactica. She's one of those under the radar actresses who could be great if she got some starring roles. Anyhow, Cole is her venture into the indie love story realm.

"Cole Chambers is a young man who dreams for something, anything beyond his monotonous life. When Cole gets the opportunity to take a creative writing class at a University in the city, he sees his potential for the first time - that he can get out of small town Lytton and actually make something out of his life. Cole spends increasing amounts of time away from home, falling in love with Serafina, a rich girl from his writing class."

This movie has no set release date but I can't wait to see McClure in this role.

To view the trailer click here.

Carl Bessai
Writer: Adam Zang
Starring: Kandyse McClure and Richard de Klerk

Official Website: